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Jan Schejbal

A real-world study of mobile peer-to-peer networking

This page contains supplementary information for the master thesis of Jan Schejbal.

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Please use only this URL to link to the thesis, as the non-canonical URLs are likely to change over time.

Thesis download

The thesis can be downloaded here (PDF, 3 MB). ERRATA EXIST (see below)
Please do not link directly to this file, especially in citations. Use the canonical/permanent URL listed above to link to this page.
SHA256:  88f8ee7f26bb52369525cd91f3798e64e383da3d1807c737fa56574b2aa2b72f

Data set download

Please respect the privacy of the participants when using the data set.
The data set can be downloaded here (XZ-compressed SQLite database, 400 MB compressed, ~4.6 GB uncompressed).
Remember to use a current version of SQLite.
SHA256 of the compressed version:  e1e220bfa36e3d6d706ff95d20f77206c8ec522f8c2e8d01132531807db0a447
SHA256 once uncompressed:          f8fdfe50522f4c2e2d82d66e77ee460ce27ea997606963b5b4271d458bd39cfa

To uncompress the database, use 7-Zip or WinRAR on Windows or the command "xz" from xz-utils on Linux/Unix.
If you are short on disk space, storing the database in an NTFS-compressed directory reduces on-disk size to ~1.7 GB.

Source code

The source code of all versions of the applications that contributed data can be found here (ZIP, 0.4 MB).


Section 5.3.7, "Total failure of Bluetooth": The failure was likely caused by Android Issue #67272. See also this blog post.

Please contact the author at janhomepage [ a t ] gmx [dot] net to report errata.

Further information

Helpful SQL queries for analysis of the data set are provided in this text file. More queries will be added over time.